Best Extra Large Washable Pee Pads For Dogs in 2021

Dog owners are always looking for the best extra large washable pee pads for dogs. These pads are made of high-quality materials that will not leak, tear, or cause any kind of stink. They are also machine washable and can be used as dog potty training pads. The best xl washable pee pads for dogs are easily found and inexpensive. These pads can be used to solve a variety of problems such as marking, urinating, and incontinence.

Best extra large washable dog pee pads are available for those who do not want to take a lot of time and effort to clean up a pet’s mess. These pee pads are very absorbent and come in different sizes that can be used by all dogs. The best XL washable dog pee pads are there when you need them. They’re kind of like puppy pads but bigger and more absorbent. An extra-large dog pee pad will soak up a lot of urine from large dogs. This is great because you don’t have to change the pad as often.

When dogs or cats pee on the floor, it can be a real struggle to remove the stain and odor. A new product on the market is changing this for pet owners and their families. Extra-large dog pee pads are machine washable, fast-drying, and specially designed to soak up urine very well without leaking everywhere. By reducing the number of accidents around your home, they also help prevent damage to your carpets and furniture. The best extra large washable pee pads for dogs have extra-strong leakproof protection which means you can carry on working with your pets without any stress.

Pee pads are washable pads that are placed over a pets’ normal peeing area to absorb urine. They give pet owners an easy way of cleaning up after their pets – without having to worry about scrubbing hard-on stains and odors. Best extra large pet pee pads come in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. They also come in two different shapes: rectangular or round. The best thing about these pee pads is that they’re machine washable!

Best Extra Large Washable Pee Pads For Dogs

The best extra large washable pee pads for dogs are the ones that are easy to clean and get rid of any kind of odor. They should also be soft enough not to damage furniture but strong enough not to break when the animal steps on them. In this article, we will be looking at 10 different extra large dog pee pads for those of you who have a larger breed dog.

1. Peepeego – Best Extra Large Washable Pee Pads For Dogs 

Peepeego Dog Pad is a washable, reusable, and eco-friendly dog pad for any type of housebreaking school for puppies and kittens, puppy housebreaking pad with washable, high soaking, and live-saving features, keep puppies dry and save your floors from annoying pet is perfect for whelping box bed, pottying pads, or training puppies to potty in playpens or assists in puppy housebreaking for elderly dogs and incontinence dogs. Peepeego Dog Pad is an excellent economic and environmental, an excellent sanitary and stain-free choice instead of using disposable pee pads, eco-friendly and save money in the long run.

Peepeego extra washable pee pads for dog training pee pads are great to use when training your pet. Our dog pee pads are very absorbent, super soft, and easy to clean. The large size also makes them ideal for the whelping box which measures approximately 5′ wide by 5′ long by 2′ high. They’re very useful to use while you train your dog to eliminate indoors, especially while you’re sleeping so you can easily clean up messes without having to get out of bed. The non-slip backing prevents the pads from moving around while your pet is eliminating.

These 6 layers of absorbance material will ensure that your dog is dry for at least 12 hours. This pad is great for dogs that are bed wetters. These pads are great for dogs that are not house/crate trained yet. These best extra large reusable pee pads are great for dogs that are not able to “hold it” while you are gone. . This best extra large reusable pee pad will provide hours of dryness.

Top layer grey color covers any stains that might be on the dog pee pads, No leak through or smell, prevents tracking, keep puppy dry all night. Nonslip rubber backing maximizes doggy potty pad stay on bed or floor, puppies crawl easier. Durable and reusable 300 times, a must for any kind of housebreaking school for puppies and kittens.

Excellent economic & environmental beats buying endless bags of disposables, keep puppy potty training mess-free, the best extra large pet pee pads are durable and can be used over and over again. Washable and reusable 300 times, a must for any kind of housebreaking school for puppies and kittens. Multi-use -Dog pee pads are perfect for whelping boxes, training puppies to pee in a playpen, or assisting incontinence elderly dogs.

Key Features:

  • Extra large size 72″ x 72″ dog pads
  • Ultra waterproof also be used as feed pads underneath the water bowl
  • Durable and washable dog pads with an extra-large surface area
  • Made with highly absorbent microfiber topped with a non-slip rubber backing.
  • Each pad has a surface area of about 3 square feet and absorbs up to 8 cups (68 oz) of fluid.
  • Each pee pad can be washed up to 300 times.
  • The top layer is light grey in color and covers any stains that might be on the pad.
  • The top layer of the pad is soft and gentle and won’t hurt the puppy’s feet.


Peepeego - Best Extra Large Washable Pee Pads For Dogs 




2. EZwhelp – Best XL Washable Pee Pads For Dogs

EZwhelp best extra large reusable pee pads are great for pets that are housebroken or that need to be trained. It is the perfect pet training tool for cats, kittens, puppies, and dogs. This extra-large pee pad measures 60″ x 60″ and has a soft, brushed polyester top and a waterproof tricot bottom. It is completely waterproof meaning that the pad will not soak up any pee or water. You can expect this pad to absorb any urine or spills so your home stays clean. This pad is easy to wash and will save you money because rather than buying disposable pads, you can just wash this pad, dry it, and use it again.

This best extra large reusable pee pad is perfect for small pets, large pets, or any pets that love to be in one place. The perfect size for crates, cages, cells, pens, kennels, pet carriers, bedding, hamsters, birds, ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits, or water bowls. Great for small breed dogs, older dogs, cat litters, bunny litters, pet pig waste, potty training, households with multiple pets, or for use at work.

EZwhelp Pet Pee Pads are the preferred alternative to disposable dog pee pads. These washable pee pads for dogs are made of a tricot waterproof backing and a brushed polyester surface. The pad absorbs your pet’s pee and poo, day and night, and can withstand up to 70 washes before needing to be replaced. Don’t spend money on pricey dog diapers that are often not biodegradable.

EZwhelp best extra large reusable pee pads are made of quality materials that are more cost-efficient, cost less peruse, and are much better for the environment. Save yourself the cost of dog diapers, and save the planet too! Green, eco-friendly, and more convenient than soiled rugs or carpets. These super-absorbent pads for dogs and animals replace doggy diapers and pee pads and work great as a doggie litter box liner too. They can be used as a crate pad and on an animal bed and inside a dog kennel. They’re not just for puppies and little dogs. They’re perfect for adult dogs and cats as well as rabbits and other animals.

Key Features:

  • A soft, comfortable surface reduces your pet’s anxiety and fear of elimination.
  • Protect your carpets and floors from damage and urine smells.
  • A high-quality, economical solution for pet owners and breeders.
  • Available in a variety of sizes and styles.
  • Durable enough to withstand the rigors of daily use for months, even years.
  •  Neutralize odors so you can relax and enjoy your pet.

EZwhelp - Best XL Washable Pee Pads For Dogs



3. SincoPet –  Best Extra Large Reusable Pee Pad

The SincoPet Pee Pad is reusable and easy to clean. It is very comfortable and soft for your pet. The top layer of the pee pad is made out of 100% polyester knitting fabric, which has good air permeability and is breathable. Other layers are made out of waterproof LATEX PARCHMENT, having different usage patterns: The middle layer can be used as super absorbent, quick-dry, and comfortable; The bottom layer with silica gel features strong anti-slip and baby-care protection function.

SincoPet’s reusable pee pad keeps your floors dry and free from any embarrassing accidents. Washable, the 72 x 72 pocky pee pads will help keep your floors clean while staying in place on hard surfaces. You won’t have to worry about a damp, urine-stained floor when you use our Sinco Pet Pee Pads. Our Sinco Pet Pee Pads are also great for dogs with mobility issues. Since they are designed to be lightweight and easy to carry around, dogs with arthritis or multiple joint problems can get right to business with no problem.

This satin-side polyamide cover is machine washable and reusable. The best extra large washable dog pee pad satin side allows for a clean, odor-free urination experience when your dog needs to relieve itself. Add some color to your bathroom decor by placing one of our satin-side pee pads. This will help to reduce the odor of urine or feces because it forms a non-breathable shield that keeps urine or feces away from the surface. The pumice stone path will keep your dog’s paws healthy by ridding them of loose hair. Ultimately this satin-side polyamide cover is perfect for any bathroom decor

These best extra large pet pee pads are the answer for busy pet owners, traveling pet owners, and pet parents with small children. These pet seat protectors or pee pads can be used as housebreaking pads, dog playpen, cat litter boxes, provides protection to crates and kennels, pet carriers. They are ideal for protecting carpet, wood floor, sofa, furniture, car seat, and car trunk during travel.

These best extra large pet pee pads are made of thick and high-class material, which can hold a large number of liquids. It also won’t leak and let dogs know their designated area at night/day time or in many situations. With a pressing and locking design, it also protects nicely for the bottom of the vehicle. The size is compact so it’s easy to be taken outside. And if you want to wash it, just take it off under the faucet, you only need 1 minute.

The desiccant contained in this pad absorbs all leaks completely. Once fully absorbed, the chemical reaction between the Potassium Salt and Magnesium Salt can continue to absorb water for up to 7 days per saturated pad. This feature makes the SincoPet best extra large pee pads for adults an excellent alternative to traditional pee pads that are not absorbent enough to stop accidents.

Key Features:

  • Super absorbent high-density middle layer.
  • Breathable waterproof PUL inner layer.
  • 100% polyester knitting surface for ultimate comfort.
  • The leak-proof, slip-resistant backing will help keep your floors dry while staying in place.
  • Durable and long-lasting, multiple washes.
  • Sizing is perfect for any breed or size dog.

SincoPet -  Best Extra Large Reusable Pee Pad



4. JdPet – Best Large potty pad for dogs

JDPET is a professional manufacturer specialized in making pet products. These best extra large washable pee pads for dogs are made of extra-large 72”x72” (28”x28” big size) to accommodate all dogs of all sizes. You can use them for training your puppies to pee in the playpen or assisting incontinent elderly dogs with urination. The 2 layers of machine washable, absorbent micro-fiber tops are waterproof so they will not leak or stain your floor. When they are not in use, fold the pads in half, place them in their storage bag, and put them in your wash basket. The JDPET pee pads are the perfect dog training pads for your home, school, or pet service business.

Jdpet dog training pee pad provides your pet with a comfortable, absorbent potty on the go. Made of durable TPE material, these pee pads are great for training dogs, at-home use, or on the road. They are easy to clean, just throw them in the wash! The water-resistant layer prevents liquids from going through to the surface. The four layers of absorbent fabric will collect up to 90 percent of fluids.

The bottom layer of silica gel acts as a non-slip pad to keep the pad in place. Each side of the pad has a strip of hook and loop fasteners. The pads are washable, reusable, and are guaranteed to hold up to 300 washes. These best extra large pet pee pads are the premium solution to a problem you didn’t even know you had! These large dog pee pads are great for your pet’s indoor training or as a way to save your floor from the mess.

Jdpet 4-Layer best extra large washable pee pads for dogs are constructed with 4 layers of absorbent material that stay completely dry. A waterproof layer of PUL (polyurethane laminate) separates the absorbent layers of material, preventing liquid from leaking through. Each layer of the Jdpet 4-Layer dog pee pad is very absorbent, so there are no leaks or smells.

They are also ideal for use with elderly dogs, incontinent dogs, dogs with medical conditions that cause incontinence, dogs with prostatitis, dogs who are sick, dogs who are on medication, new moms with nursing puppies, or dogs who are recovering from surgery or illness. These washable pee pads are also great for protecting wood floors, carpeting, furniture, car seats, patio furniture, linens, etc. from pet urine.

Key Features:

  • 4 inches of super absorbent polymer for a great urine shield
  • Simply throw in the wash and reuse over and over again
  • Ideal for apartment living with hard floors
  • Non-Slip Backing-Keeps Pee Pads In Place
  • Super absorbent material will not leak through or smell.
  • Soft and comfortable material on top with a waterproof sheet on the bottom.
  • Reusable and machine-washable.
  • Anti-slip bottom to keep the mats in place.


JdPet - Best Large potty pad for dogs




5. EIGSO- Very large Washable Dog Pee Pads

EIGSO Dog Pee Pads is a must product for any kind of housebreaking, training, and toileting. Pet dogs pee pads use a thick 4-layer waterproof design to give your dog a soft crate pad. Dog pee pad is a thick 4-layer design that offers maximum comfort & protection for potty training & more. Pee Pads are also the ultimate protection for the floor, mattress, furniture, leather chair, or whatever you want to protect.

EIGSO best extra large washable pee pads for dogs are here to help solve your problem! Look no further because your pet’s needs are our priority. You can use them in your dog’s crate or in his/her favorite spot in the house when doing training. You can use EIGSO pee pads for many purposes. They will help you with housebreaking your dog, dog potty training, pet bed, crate pad and so much more! These dog pads are perfect for small and large dogs, cats, and even rabbits! EIGSO Washable Pee Pads will quickly become your new favorite product!”

EIGSO best xl washable pee pads for dogs is one of the largest dog pee pads in the world which is totally made of microfiber. It is ideal for use in large crates for traveling in the car. The innovative fabric provides maximum protection for floors, carpets & furniture. The pet pee-proof pad for dogs is waterproof, anti-bacterial, has no leak through or smell, non-slip bottom.

EIGSO best extra large washable pee pads for dogs today! Featuring a soft fleece material, this large mat will keep your pooch comfortable, while at the same time preventing damage to your floors. Plus, its waterproof bottom will prevent accidents from soaking through to the carpet or other flooring. Newer Washable Pee Pads for Dogs is a must for any kind of housebreaking school for puppies and kittens.

It is durable, and the washable pee pads are reusable over 350 times. The waterproof best xl washable pee pads for dogs can hold up to 350 times of pee and mess of your dog. It has a super absorption layer that not only absorbs urine quickly but also keeps the pee from tracking on your floor or carpet. The hidden non-slip bumper strip on the bottom prevents these pee pads from sliding around on the floor and keeps your dog from kicking it. This dog pad also works great as a training pad for puppies and kittens.

Key Features:

  • Thick layers prevent leaks and soak up liquid instantly.
  • Wash it as many as 350 times,
  • the pad is reusable and so so economical.
  • Special 4-layer technology prevents leaks and soaks up liquid instantly.
  • Non-slip epoxy on the bottom prevents your pet from slipping.
  • Very easy to clean and maintain.
  • The bottom layer is made of a non-slip material
  • There is a super absorbent material in the middle,.
  • The last layer is made of soft fleece material, which is very comfortable for your dog to lie on.

EIGSO- Very large Washable Dog Pee Pads



6. PICK FOR LIFE – Best Large Washable Pee Pads For Dogs

Pick for Life dog pee wee pad has an advanced leak-proof layer that protects your floors. Great for Senior Dogs or Puppies, it’s hypoallergenic, has no smells, and is easy to clean. These ultra-absorbent training pads provide a waterproof surface for puppies to learn where to properly eliminate. The water-proof floor protects your floors from accidents and saves you from getting messy. When the pad is used up, simply remove, wash and reuse it.

Pick for Life Washable Pee Pads for Puppy is designed to keep your puppy dry and clean. Lightweight, portable washable pee pads for dogs, provide a natural alternative to plastic trays. The high-quality waterproof pet pads are the best choice for puppy parents for a puppy-proof area or night-time accidents. The potty pee pad is a good gift for pet parents who do not have enough money to buy a new one(vacuum) or do not need a potty pad fixed to the floor.

The pet pad for dogs is a good solution for a puppy who hasn’t started potty training, as well as a solution for the senior dog who has some accidents from time to time. Use the potty pee pads if your dog seems to miss the litter box/housebreaking or whenever you want a complete housebreaking solution. The puppy potty training pads are a good alternative for a routine that needs a little extra help. The best extra large pet pee pads are a complete solution for a new pet parent who isn’t sure how to potty train a puppy.

PICK FOR LIFE’s best extra large washable pee pads for dogs! These best xl washable pee pads for dogs are used to house-train a puppy in a pen, cage, pen, crate, or whelping box. In addition, what makes it so special is that it is reusable when an adult dog needs to go potty. It features a soft and comfortable fluff surface, a soft absorbent fabric top layer, and a waterproof backing, and an anti-slip backing that grasps the floor and lies flat. The waterproof dog training pads absorb and control the odor and help you save many times from a mess.

Key Features:

  • Non-slip backing of a waterproof rug for pets grasps the floor,
  • The rubber mats for dogs fit the machine and are handwash.
  • Putting it in the dryer for low heat or hanging dry(helpful to prolong the service life
  • This extra-large mat is used for pins, cages, furniture, leather chairs, floors, carpets, car seats.
  • It has good materials that tear it apart and make it durable.
  • Perfect for hardwood floors and keeps the floor dry.
  • With a soft and comfortable fluff surface,

PICK FOR LIFE - Best Large Washable Pee Pads For Dogs


7. SHU UFANRO –  Best Large Washable Pee Pads for Adults

SHU UFANRO Doggy pee pads with 4 layers, leakproof and anti-slip bottom. The absorbent middle layer absorbs the urine within 2–3 minutes, and dry quickly. The middle layer can absorb a lot of urine, and the bottom layer is an anti-slip rubber backing. The best extra large pet pee pads shape is round or rectangular, and the whole dog pee pad is soft and waterproof.​The New generation quality best xl washable pee pads for dogs. You have been always worried about your furniture being been peed by your pet. Our pee pads are better than training pads, pads for dogs’ playpens.

Innovative waterproof function, absorbent middle layer, anti-slip bottom. Washable, reusable, eco-friendly, durable, sanitary, stain-free, sturdy. ultra material makes puppy pads for dogs’ playpen, crates, cat litter boxes. Long-lasting, multiple washes(Keep the same good leak-proof effect).  Huge 60×30cm pet pee pad, 4 thickened layers absorb urine and odor. Keep puppies and floors clean and dry. The waterproof pet pad provides an extra layer of protection for the floor, carpets, bed, furniture, sofa, and car seat, and car trunk. The Non-slip backing keeps the pee pads in place and we use the thickened layers to prevent urine outflow and dry faster.

It quickly absorbs and locks in moisture and odors and also helps prevent tracking and shredding. Best extra large washable pee pads for dogs and reusable 100 times, eco-friendly and saves you money.  pee pads air dry quickly, TPU waterproof coating keeping dog pads stand up to repeated cleaning or urine soaking, Not easy to be torn by dogs. Save us a lot of work to dealing with the mess while dogs, beats buying endless bags of wee pads. Disposable pads are harmful to puppies and environdetails.

SHU UFANRO best extra large washable pee pads for dogs are 4 thickened layers of superabsorbent material which is more than any other best pee pads on the market. When your puppy is done eliminating, the urine will automatically be sealed within the pad. Durable design makes them. Please don’t touch the pad with sharp things, it could cause a leak. It is the 100th laundry and the best economic and environmental choice to save money and protect the environment.. Please don’t use bleach when washing the pee pad.

When you buy one, you will get one deluxe best extra large washable pee pads for dogs for free. Wash by hand or machine (recommend machine washing), which is easy to wash, simple to maintain. Wash it after using, be sure to hang it to dry, once dry storages. For best results, wash the pad at least every three uses or more often if necessary. It’s very easy to wash, please don’t be nervous.

Key Features:

  • Super absorbent high-density middle layer absorbs.
  • Can effectively stop urination on the floor.
  • No leaks or odors, keep dogs and floors clean
  • Upgraded non-slip rubber support maximizes doggy putty pad on bed or floor,
  • It has anti-slip silica gel under the fabric.
  • Special bottom PVC epoxy resin keeps the urine pad stable.
  • It is very easy to wash and dry on low heat.


SHU UFANRO -  Best Large Washable Pee Pads Ffor Adults



8.  Kluein – Best  large Pet Washable Pee Pad

Kluein best extra large washable pee pads for dogs are the only washable pet pee pads that are designed to fit in your washing machine. Our pee pads are made with eco-friendly waterproof membrane fabric. It is very easy to clean and dry by machine, air dry, or hangs dry. The best extra large washable dog pee pad will dry quickly in your washing machine, saving you time.

Kluein extra large washable dog pee pads are made with the same waterproof membrane fabric used in diapers. They are soft, smell-free, absorbent, and septic tank safe. Kluein best extra large washable dog pee pads are great for dogs that are house-breaking, have incontinence problems, are bedwetting because of age, or dogs that are just too smart to go outside when they have to go potty. They are also great for dogs that are left in outdoor dog kennels.

Kluein’s best extra large washable pee pads for dogs are designed for medium and large dogs to help keep your home clean and keep unwanted odors at bay. Made from a soft yet highly absorbent fabric, you can use this pee pad for dogs to provide your pooch with a safe, dry resting place. best extra large washable pee pads for dogs are highly durable and can be purchased in a variety of sizes to best suit your needs. 100% waterproof backing on the pee pads for dogs keeps your floor safe from accidents.

Your pooch can be more comfortable on the pee pad insert for dogs as it contains soft, flexible microfibers that conform to your dog’s natural shape. Whether your dog is male or female, you can ensure that this dog pee pad will be easy to clean and can be machine washed or even hung to dry. The Best extra large washable dog pee pads are shipped in bulk to save you money.

Made from a 100% polyester microfiber fabric with a durable waterproof backing, these best extra large washable pee pads for dogs are easy to wash and keep clean. Built for efficiency, they are lightweight, portable, and convenient for pet owners. The cover is machine washable, which saves you time and effort. The pad is easy to care for, just remove the cover, throw it in the laundry, then put it back on for your pup! They are affordable, eco-friendly, and convenient for pet owners. No more worrying about the mess left behind by your pet here or there. These best xl washable pee pads for dogs are reusable, so you can use them over and over again.

Key Features:

  • Uniquely designed to allow you to quickly and easily take the mess outside
  • 100% waterproof to prevent leaks from getting to your floor.
  • Great for use as a bed or a play mat for your dog.
  • The neutral grey color goes with any decor.
  • Quick-drying cloth saves time washing and cleaning.
  • Use a washing machine and dryer or hang dry.
  • It is reusable up to 300 times.


Kluein - Best  large Pet Washable Pee Pad


9. FEANDREA – Best extra large washable dog pee pads

FEANDREA best extra large washable pee pads for dogs are made from durable materials for your dogs. These best xl washable pee pads for dogs are ideal for dogs who have a habit of peeing in the same spot over and over again. These pee pads are made from a unique material that absorbs your dog’s urine while also being waterproof

The solution to your problem involves the FEANDREA best xl washable pee pads for dogs. Designed to keep your floors dry and to eliminate messes, this product is waterproof and slip-proof. The 4 layers to these pet pee pads are the best in their class. They are affordable and available in two sizes.

FEANDREA best extra large washable pee pads for dogs are a triumph of technology that enables you to give your dog a sanitary and comfy space to do his business. With 4 layers of efficiency, you can be sure of a clean and tidy home. Your dog will have a lot more freedom, you won’t have to deal with urine puddles on the floor or carpet, and you won’t have to stress about your pet’s comfort. Size: ​24.8″ x 20.7″ x 0.1″ / ​62 x 52 cm x 0.2 cm. Each of these pee pads has a waterproof layer that protects the padding from urine and the floor from damaging liquids.

It is also odor-resistant, which means you can use them for a longer period of time. The third layer of this washable pee pad is also waterproof and is detachable from the padding. You can clean this layer separately from the pad, which means you can avoid a lot of mess if something spills on it. The bottom of these dog pee pads is made from a slippery fabric that helps avoid pet urine stains and puddles. A lot of accidents happen on the floor, but you’ll be able to deal with any of them quickly and efficiently with FEANDREA best xl washable pee pads for dogs. They’re easy to wash and can be used continuously with the right care.

Key Features:

  • It has 4 layers of protection.
  • The soft polyester surface feels gentle love from you eve
  • The machine is washable, reusable, and affordable!
  • Soft polyester surface, TPU waterproof layer, and polyester filling
  • Available in 2 colors

FEANDREA - Best large Puppy Washable Pads 


10. Rocket & Rex – Best Extra Large Pet Washable Pee Pad

Rocket & Rex best extra large washable pee pads for dogs provide a way to protect your floor from those midnight accidents! They’re reusable, which means less mess and no more running out to the pet store for more pads once you run out. Use them for potty training or as a bed for your dog. These washable pet pads can be used as a pet potty training system, training potty pad, pee pads, a pad for dogs mat, a crate mat, or a dog potty training pad. They’re even a car seat cover protector and a dog vehicle seat cover to protect from pet hauling messes.

Rocket & Rex washable pee pads for dogs are the ultimate pet pee pad for large dogs. When you need an extra-large dog pee pad, our pee pads for dogs are the way to go. 60″ x 60″ (152 cm x 152 cm) or 72″ x 72″ (183 cm x 183 cm) in size. These washable puppy pads for indoor dogs come in 4 sizes. Keep your dogs protected, no matter their size. And, unlike most disposable pee pads for dogs, our washable pee pads for dogs are machine washable.

A best extra large washable pee pads for dogs made with 100% recycled fibers, you won’t find a kinder pad for your dog than ours. While there are no pet beds that are 100% waterproof, our pad is waterproof for the most part. The extra-large 72″x72″ washable pee pads are perfect wherever you need an extra-large, waterproof dog pad. They make great oversized puppy pads washable, they’re ideal whelping pads, dog playpen mat, washable pee pad, a bed protector for dogs, or a rabbit cage floor liner. They’re also great car seat protectors, mats in the back of a truck or SUV, and mattress protector pads for adult and child bedwetting.

Key Features:

  • Extra-large, washable pee pads
  • Non-slip bottom
  • 4 layers of absorbency
  • Waterproof backing
  • 100% machine washable
  • Machine washable, reusable, eco-friendly

Rocket & Rex Large Washable Pee Pads For Dogs


11. PAWCHIE – Best extra large pee pads for adults

This PAWCHIE washable xl dog bed is ideal for all-size dogs, especially for pet lovers with several dogs. With two pads per package, you do not need to worry about purchasing pads frequently. A large pad measures 36X41 inches and covers a big space of your house and it is 100% machine washable and reusable. Each pad has a unique print of bone and paw will be a perfect gift to your pets!

The PawCHIE Large Washable Pee Pad is suitable for dogs who have separation anxiety, dogs who have diuretic issues, older dogs, puppies, and small dogs. It comes in a variety of styles. This washable pee pad has large waterproof backing which prevents the mess from leaking onto your floors or under your furniture.

Pawchie best extra large washable dog pee pads are made with high-quality fabrics, waterproof PE layer with leakproof, heavy-duty stitching. The best washable xl dog bed has a hidden inner layer of absorbent high-quality cotton that wicks away moisture.  You can save a lot of money with this pad. And you don’t need to smell the odor of disposable pads anymore. You can easily complete the cleaning task through the washing machine, which is very convenient, and the pee pad can be reused for a long time.

Your dog is part of the family, so be prepared for anything with PAWCHIE best extra large pet pee pads! Providing great protection for carpeting, furniture, and bedding in the event your dog has an accident or when staying at a kennel or overnight boarding. Made of 4 layers–polyester-cotton yarn-dyed fabric on the surface, needle-punched cotton in the middle, dehydrated paper pulp in one layer, and triple-layer nonwoven fabric in another layer–these pee pads are thicker than other indoor pee pads on the market.

PAWCHIE large pee pads for dogs are a great product for dog houses. Measuring a large 36″ X 41″, they are perfect for larger dogs and can be used as a stool for older dogs with joint problems. This item is also great as a travel item, or if you need your puppy to be able to hold it longer than 30 minutes. It’s also great if you have the feeling that your male pup might miss during playtime.

Key Features: 

  • Extra Large Size36 x 41 inches
  • Perfect for pet beds, crates, playpens, sofas, cars, etc.
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Washable, reusable, and long-lasting
  • Anti-skid bottom to avoid slipping,
  • Keeping you and your pet dry
  • Made With 4 Layers Of Material
  • Thick & Durable To Use
  • Leak-proof & Non-slip Bottom


PAWCHIE Large Washable Pee Pads For Dogs



Why you should consider getting large pee pads for your dog?

Best extra large pet pee pads are indeed the best way to go to keep your dogs busy. They are excellent substitutes for dogs peeing all over your house. It teaches dogs to go to the right places. Large pee pads are easy to clean. They are soft and dogs like them a lot if you are living in a city or if you are not able to walk your dog every day, pee pads may come in handy to train the dog to pee in the right spot. With pee pads, your dog can be trained quickly to pee inside the house.

If you think that using pee pads for your dog is not a good idea then think again because there are many benefits you can get from using pee pads. Pee pads don’t only provide satisfaction and convenience for your pet but could also save your home from getting damaged by your pet. If you don’t already use pee pads then you should try to click on the link that I am going to provide you with because you will get to know more about pee pads that can help you decide whether pee pads are good for your dog or not.

It may be hard to find the best extra large washable dog pee pads, but with just a few tips it should not be that difficult. First of all, the type of material the pads are made of is important. You want to find pads that will flush down your toilet or are able to be washed easily. You also want to make sure that they are durable and easy to clean – meaning they can’t fall apart easily or have parts you can’t get off. The price is also important because many people don’t want to pay more than they have to for something like this.

There are several reasons why you should consider buying the best extra large pet pee pads. For one thing, if you know your pet has problems with accidents it can be very helpful for everyone

The most important criteria to consider when choosing the best extra large pee pads are whether the product will be effective in wicking pet urine away from the floor, whether the product will be comfortable for your dog to lay on, whether the product is easy to clean, whether the product is durable enough to withstand daily use, whether the pads are affordable, and whether the pads are easy to use.

 The most common type of extra large washable dog pee pads is made of resilient foam that has a high density. Many of these types of extra-large pee pads are made of a closed-cell foam that has a hardness rating above 30. The most common way to clean these extra-large pee pads is to use a garden hose with a spray nozzle.  Another popular water-resistant extra large pee pad is made of a material that is biodegradable. These types of pads are often made with a material that is similar to kitty litter.

What you should know before buying large pee pads for your dog?

Large pee pads for dogs are a great way to housebreak your dog, but it is important that you use the right type of pad for your dog, or it may end up being a waste of money. If you don’t use a big enough pee pad your dog may end up going on the floor, and if you use a pee pad that is too big, your dog may have a hard time determining where to go on the pee pad.

Large pee pads for dogs are ideal for pet owners who want the pet to be urinated freely around the house without making any mess. These pee pads for dogs are highly absorbent and will assure the pet owners that the pet has urinated on the pad and not on the floors. The pet owners would even be able to monitor the pet’s health conditions by checking the urine for any changes in color or consistency.

The best way to buy any product is to do some research before you buy. If you are undecided, don’t just buy anything. It is time-consuming but it’s worth it. Many people will find that they are able to find exactly what they are looking for, but buying large dog pads is not as easy as you might think. There are different things that people look for when they are trying to buy dog pee pads. If you are looking for the right large dog pads, you will need to know what they are. Here are some things you can look for when buying large dog pads.

Large pee pads are made with the same type of waterproof material used in dog diapers. They are typically made with heavy-duty vinyl like the kind used in car seat covers – this type of material can hold hundreds of times their weight in liquid. Some also have a laminated nylon lining, similar to what’s used in baby diapers, for added protection. The waterproof layer is what will contain your dog’s pee or poo, so you want to make sure it’s strong enough to handle your dog’s output. If you have a small dog who doesn’t have a strong bladder, you might find that this extra solid layer isn’t necessary.

Dog pee pads vs paper towels

You probably use paper towels to clean up after your dog so far, but maybe you should rethink your choice. Both the popular brands of dog pee pads and paper towels are perfect for absorbing liquid, but they also have their own pros and cons. So which is really better for you and your pet? Here is the comparison of dog pee pads vs paper towels.

Urine is composed of substances that normally exist in most organisms. It is mostly water and contains very little solid. Urine is most likely to be sterile, unless there is a bacterial infection, such as a urinary tract infection.. If the dog has an accident, you can use a mild cleanser with a sponge or towel. Just make sure not to overwet the carpet. You can also clean the spot with white vinegar and water.

Paper towels may be good for you, but they’re not the best for your dog. There’s a number of reasons why. Paper towels can cause problems for your dog’s paws, as the towels do not offer as much padding as a dog needs to walk around on. Pads, on the other hand, offer the best of both worlds: they keep the floor clean and dry and they don’t harm your dog’s paws.


We hope you enjoyed our review of the best extra large pee pads for dogs.  Unfortunately, dogs also have to urinate or defecate at least once a day. This means that they will often need to go outside to relieve themselves. Because of this, dog owners need to find the right extra large pee pads for dogs. These pads are made of high-quality materials that will not leak, tear, or cause any kind of stink.

They also have a waterproof backing to prevent accidents from staining furniture or carpeting. Finally, they are machine washable and can be used as dog potty training pads. Dogs do not have a bladder that is the same size as a human bladder. Dogs do not have a bladder that is the same size as a human bladder. As a result, dog owners need to find an extra-large pee pad for dogs so they can provide them with a place to relieve themselves when they need to.

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FAQs  – Best extra large washable dog pee pads


What are the largest pee pads for dogs?

Peepeego is designed for larger breeds of dogs. They are half the size of regular dog pads and can go a long way to ensuring that your home does not smell like a dog. Each pad is about the size of a regular paper plate and contains absorbent granules that keep your pets from having to go outside.

What are the largest puppy pads?

The largest puppy pad is the Peepeegot Puppy Pad which is an extra-large size 72″ x 72″ dog pad. The pad is great for older dogs and large breeds.

The largest puppy pads come in five different sizes. The first one is for extra small dogs (less than 30 lbs). It measures 21″x14″. The next one is for small dogs (30-50 lbs), measuring 27″x18″. The third one is for medium-sized dogs (50-70 lbs), measuring 32″x21″. The fourth one is for large dogs (70-90 lbs), measuring 38″x24″. The greatest one is for extra-large dogs (over 90 lbs), measuring 44″x27″.

What size are XL puppy pads?

XL puppy pads are approximately 8.5 inches wide and 15.5 inches long. The smaller puppy pads for small dogs and puppies are approximately 5.5 inches wide and 14.5 inches long.

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