Best Heavy Duty Dog Clippers in 2021

Are you looking for the best heavy duty dog clippers? It’s important to get professional grooming supplies for your best friend. Can you imagine how ugly it is when dogs don’t get groomed?

Dog clippers are must-have grooming tools that every dog owner would like to have in their arsenal. It allows you to trim your dog’s nails, hair, and even fur in case of an emergency. There are hundreds of brands of dog grooming products available in the market today, but not all are worth investing in. To be able to choose which is the best heavy-duty dog clippers for matted hair for you.

You would expect regular scissors to cut regular papers. Likewise, you would think of regular electric dog clippers to cut your pet’s hair. Unfortunately, that’s not the case because regular dog clippers can’t handle the thick furry coats of large dogs.

Top 10 Best heavy duty dog clippers

You are here looking for the best heavy duty dog clippers. You are probably looking for something that will work on the thickest of the coats of your dog.
The dog grooming industry is growing rapidly with more and more dog owners preferring to groom their dog at home. There are many good reasons for this. You can save money by cutting your dog’s hair yourself. You also have the comfort of your home to work in, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of taking your dog to a professional groomer, the total cost of grooming your dog at home is less, etc.


1. ONEISALL – Best heavy duty dog clippers for matted hair

The ONEISALL dog clipper is a professional good groomer for your pet clipper. It is tested to give a haircut comfortably and safely. Combining with the special design of blade material, low vibration, and ultra-quiet design, the hair clipper will suit grooming animals, especially dogs and cats. Oneisall pet hair trimmer is much safer than dog hair trimmer in the market that has rotating blades. So do not worry it will hurt your family pet even if you or your child is a beginner.

A good dog clipper is not just a necessary device to groom your pet, but also a useful tool for many other purposes. Because it can be used to clip not only fur but also some hard surfaces like wood, rubber, or even drywall. This means you can use it around the home, such as the car, furniture, and more. For this reason, you shouldn’t skimp on quality. Of course, some models come at different prices which shouldn’t influence you that much.

ONEISALL dog clipper item is professionally manufactured with high-quality material,’ONEISALL best heavy duty dog clippers safe to use. The noise when working is only about 50 dB, A rechargeable dog trimmer.

Oneisall Dog Grooming Clippers are unique because of their angled blade cutter, which allows for excellent reach into the hard-to-cut areas around your dog’s head, face, legs or other areas. The adjustable taper lever allows you to adjust blades quickly and precisely according to needs. Be prepared to see your dog’s hair falling off at a striking speed with Oneisall Dog Clippers.

The dog clipper contains a powerful universal AC motor and a durable design for continuous use. One of the best features is the powerful AC motor. We know our pet clippers can be quite aggressive on hair, so this feature prevents any damage to your pet’s skin. Drastically reduces noise Drastically reduces vibration 60% more power than conventional pet clippers Lighter weight aluminum body design Blue tooth capability

The ONEISALL Dog Clippers with eight adjustable guide combs and a handy storage bag is everything you need to groom your pet every time you need. The clipper is powered by a powerful and convenient rechargeable NiMh battery that can provide up to one hour of cordless operation. Specialized sharp blades and the eight-level adjustable cutting length make this dog grooming kit convenient and safe for use on dogs and cats.

These best heavy duty dog clippers detachable temperate-controlled blades and efficient motor are designed to deliver longer blade life, superior power, durability, comfort, flexibility, portability, lower noise. 6 Guard Combs (3mm/6mm/9mm/12mm/15mm/18mm). The adjustable clipping comb is applicable for clipping hair of different lengths. It enables you to trim longer hair by just adding the comb, or clip the fur shorter in seconds just by removing the long comb in.


  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel Fixed Blade
  • Comb: 6 x guards
  • Batteries ‏ : ‎ 1 Lithium Polymer Battery
  • Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 8.62 x 7.48 x 2.44 inches
  • Weight: 1.23 Pounds
  •  Colour: Rose(Dark)



2. HOLDOG – Professional Heavy Duty Dog Grooming Clipper

Some of the best heavy-duty dog clippers for professional use have been a key to the success of my grooming business. Dog clippers are great for when you want to customize your own pet grooming services and add variety in your pet store inventory by offering services such as clipping, trimming, or dying your pets so you can offer different services in your pet store. Since these heavy-duty dog clippers are in fact designed with larger and more hairy coat dogs in mind so they do what you need them to do: effortlessly and quickly remove excess hair in seconds without causing any damage to you or your dog!

HOLDOG –Professional Heavy Duty Dog Grooming Clipper is lightweight but durable, the clipper has a powerful motor that delivers incredibly precise cuts, even on native breeds. Hair does not get stuck between the blades, which are made from high-quality titanium-ceramic. And with its ergonomic aluminum handle, it remains comfortable even after long periods of use.

HOLDOG is a brand of professional dog clippers equipped with a 3-speed rotary motor. And HOLDOG Motor is from Japan, which means it’s reliable and durable. 2200mAh high capacity lithium battery, even full-body clipping for an average adult dog can be accommodated. The high-capacity Li-ion battery needs just 3 hours of charging and could sustain usage for 4 hours.

Comfortable, easy grip. The improved design, which includes rubberized overmolding, offers improved control for easier styling of dogs and other animals. With the ‘C’ shape handle, different hand sizes can easily be accommodated, while the flat sides are convenient for resting on a tabletop. The large trigger-style ON/OFF switch is easy to operate. And for maximum output, the ON/OFF switch features a bright indicator light that clearly shows when the clipper is on or off.

HOLDOG professional dog grooming clippers for dogs, cats, horses, etc. It is equipped with four adjustable clipping comb(5-7 mm/8-10mm/12 mm/15mm) carefully produces the sharp quality trimmer blade. HOLDING dog clipper is designed with strong sharp blades, which are easy to cut your pets’ hair smoothly. Moreover, the sharp blades can be easily removed and cleaned.

HOLDOG – Dog grooming kit comes with 365 days of technical support. The universal blade system makes the trimmer quickly changes from different blades. The 360-degree rotatable flexible head is designed to reach all parts of the dog’s body easily. The ergonomic design of this dog clipper ensures a comfortable handling experience during the grooming operation.


  • Color: Black
  • Item Weight: 230 Grams
  • Battery Capacity: 2200m
  • Batteries:1 Lithium-ion batteries
  • Blade Material: Titanium Ceramic

1.HOLDOG - Professional Heavy Duty Dog Grooming Clipper.




3. WAHL – Best heavy duty dog clippers

WAHL’s best heavy duty dog clippers allow for simple coat length identification, easily glide through heavy coats effortlessly; this kit includes a convenient storage case. The Clipper Power Drive System (C-PDS) combines the powerful horse clipper engine with a patented gearing system which allows the motor to glide through thick coats quickly and comfortably.

The C-PDS is revolutionary; providing 30% more torque than other pet clippers. These heavy duty dog clippers easily cut through the thick undercoat and coarse guard hair of your pet. The patented power drive system can be found on all of our clippers because we know that it gives you the best grooming experience for your pet.

The blades are made of high carbon that ensures your pet experiences smooth grooming. This is important as dogs need to be groomed regularly to ensure their fur is not too long or matted. It’s also important for them to have a pleasant experience, so they become less anxious being held by someone other than their handler.

Classic Wahl clippers don’t bog down like other clipper brands, thanks to self-sharpening precision blades. These dog grooming scissors are specially designed to provide snag-free cutting for a more pleasant pet grooming experience. The high-carbon blades remain sharp to provide smooth grooming that creates a quick groom at home.

Every dog has a different coat, and there is a Wahl Dog Grooming Kit designed for your dog. Whether you have a pet that is shedding, long-haired, or medium coated, we have a grooming kit that will meet your needs. We carry a variety of detachable blade clippers & trimmers, which feature our patented 5-in-1 Blade system to give your pet the perfect look you want.


  • Size:‎6 Piece Set
  • Color:‎Chrome/Gray
  • Material: High Carbon Steel
  • ‎Blade: Carbon Steel
  • Product Dimension:8.5 x 2.5 x 2 inches
  • Weight:1.23 Pound
  • Power Source: Corded


2. WAHL - Clipper Pet-Pro Dog Heavy Grooming Kit.

4.Wahl – Professional heavy-duty dog clippers for matted hair

U-CLIP pet clipper, designed with extra-thin, ultra-flexible blades that are meant for clipping fine to medium animal hair and fur. Each blade is made of high carbon steel which provides the best cutting performance, both for animals that are harder to groom. Also comes with an extra set of TPR flex boots in case the original set gets damaged or lost. The deluxe grooming kit by Wahl Professional Animal is ideal to clip, trim, and groom fine to medium animal hair and fur for dogs, cats, and other pets.

Pet owners need something to keep their dogs and cats in good condition when the winter is here. U-Clip tools can provide you with the incentive to go on polishing your pet’s plume in the cold season. Yorkies, Shih Tzu, dogs, or dogs with fine fur, just require comfortable items for grooming. While heavier dogs like the huskies, Yorkshire terriers, or poodles may require additional effort to ensure they are well-groomed.

Wahl Professional Animal Deluxe U-Clip Dog Clipper Kit includes everything you need to do the job at home so you can save money on costly trips to the groomer. The set has 7 attachment combs to create an assortment of sizes, a quick-adjust clip lever for precision control, a steel cutting blade with a built-in sharpener, a spring-loaded clipper for fast action, ergonomic handle with a rubber grip that makes maneuvering easy.

The Wahl Professional Animal Deluxe U-Clip offers a lightweight design with powerful speeds up to 7,200 strokes per minute. These best heavy duty dog clippers run quietly, offer professional-grade durability, and are made from a lightweight but high-strength nylon material The exclusive Cryogen-X knife and Taper Lever provide a professional level of blade precision for a very precise cut each time.

You don’t need to be a professional groomer to own and use this Wahl U-Clip Deluxe clipper kit. The U-Clip Deluxe has all the tools you need to keep your pet looking good and feeling great. This kit comes with one U-Clip clipper, a single heat-resistant blade, a 1-year warranty, and 10 attachments. If you’re looking for any high-performance clippers, then this is a great choice.


  • Color:  Red and Chrome
  •  Dimensions LxWxH  : 1.5 x 2 x 6.5 inches
  •  Weight: 1 Pound
  • Target Audience: Dog


Wahl Professional Animal Deluxe U-Clip Pet, Dog, & Cat Clipper & Grooming Kit.


5. HANSPROU -Best heavy-duty dog clippers for matted hair

Powerful best heavy duty dog clippers have a 12V high-speed powerful motor, which weighs only 0.5KG, the efficiency is lower than 15% and the noise is lower than 80dB, perfect for pet grooming such as cats, dogs, birds, and rabbits. Hansbrough dog hair clipper is the best choice for you to cut pet hair, the absence of vibration makes it much easier to groom large or frightened dogs that are difficult to work with when using other pet clippers.

if you want your pet dogs to look good. To dogs, grooming is the equivalent of our morning beauty regimens. It’s important to keep dogs in well-groomed condition. Dogs with long fur often get mats between their paws and around their necks. These cause pain and make it hard for dogs to move. Some people think the only way dogs can look good is by visiting a groomer regularly. If that’s not an option, then getting the best dog clipper for grooming at home may be necessary.

A pet’s hair is like the grass, many kinds, different shapes and it grows at different speeds. Different hairs also pose different problems for grooming. The Hansprou clipper is specially designed with various kinds of blades, which can cater to most kinds of pets’ hair. With the tiniest 0.7mm blade or even the largest 35mm one, it can be used on both cats and dogs of all ages!

100-240V with automatic voltage feed adjustment. It is with international certification(CE ,ROHS,FCC approved).  Never worry about electricity or plug compatibilities again with our innovative products.  It can be used in all countries.

Once you use this dog shaver clipper, you will find it’s much easier to be used. It doesn’t matter if you are not a professional groomer. The use of clamp/screwing design won’t let the blade hit the pet while clipping, avoid your pet biting or scratching

It is a multi-functional 2-in-1 trimmer and clipper for your pet grooming needs. Trim and clip, as well as cut up to 3/4″ of fur length. The blades are super sharp and provide the best results after each haircut. The best heavy-duty dog clippers for matted hair that we’ve brought to you include:


  • Dimensions: 10.08 x 7.09 x 2.72 inches
  • Weight: 1.43 Pounds
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Comb QTY: 4 x Comb
  • Blade: Titanium Alloy Blade
  • Voltage: 12V

HANSPROU -High Power Pet Trimmer Pet Professional Grooming Clippers


What to look for when you buy the best heavy duty dog clippers?

Heavy duty dog clippers are used by many groomers around the world on a daily basis. They are the best if you need to cut through thick or matted fur on your dog. You can use these clippers to maintain the best appearance of your dog if you are a breeder, or just want to own a dog that is well-groomed. There are many different brands of the best heavy-duty dog clippers for matted hair on the market, so it can be confusing to determine which are the best for your situation.

Choosing the best heavy duty dog clippers is very much depends on the kind of dog you have and the use of the clippers. If you’ve never groomed a dog before and you don’t have a pet right now to practice with, you may want to use the clippers on your own hair to see if you like it. If you don’t like it, just give to someone as a gift for their dog grooming. Then you can comfortably go out to buy heavy duty dog clippers. If you’re experienced, just go straight to the store and choose the best heavy duty dog clippers.

The best dog clippers are the ones that are both powerful and easy to use, whilst remaining durable and sharp for longer, without too much of a problem. The best dog clippers are ones that are small enough to get into the awkward corners of the dog’s hair, without causing too much irritation or pain. You need to look for a pair of dog clippers that are easy enough to use, whilst remaining powerful enough to get the job done, otherwise you may end up spending more time on doing the job, rather than actually enjoying the time that you have with your dog.


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