Do dogs need heartworm medicine every month

Do dogs need heartworm medicine every month? For many people the answer is yes. But there’s much debate over this question. There are some vets that will tell you that your dog only needs treatment once a year. Sometimes it depends on where you live or whether or not there has been a recent killing frost. Those sound like good reasons to me. Other vets will disagree and say that all dogs should be treated every month regardless of the circumstances.

Do dogs need heartworm medicine every month?

Yes. All dogs should be on heartworm preventative every month. Heartworm preventative, also known as heartworm medicine, is a once-a-month dose of medicine that is given to dogs to keep them from getting heartworm. Heartworm is a serious disease that can cause heart failure, breathing problems, or even death.

Heartworm is fatal when not treated in time. To prevent heartworm, your dog needs to be given regular doses of heartworm preventive, which is an oral medication that is given monthly. This medication can be purchased at any local pet store or online.  The medication is usually given for the life of your dog, unless your dog is on blood thinners, which can cause the medication not to work.

Advantage Multi is one of the most popular heartworm preventives, and it starts working in 30 minutes.  The injections are not needed every month.  They are needed every 6 months.  The shots are given every 6 months to keep your dog’s heartworm count at zero.  This can cause side effects that can last up to 6 months, but most of the time the side effects go away in less than 48 dogs need heartworm medicine every month

Heartworm pills are extremely important. For example, if your dog was bitten by a mosquito that carried heartworm larvae, then your dog would start developing symptoms that are similar to an asthma attack. If it is not given heartworm medication in time, then it can die. Many dog owners underestimate the importance of heartworm medication. They always think that their dog is still young and healthy, so it does not need heartworm medication. But heartworm medication is never too early. It is best to give the dog the pill even when it is still young.



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