Best Dog Christmas Stocking Holders

A Christmas stocking holder or stand for dogs is a necessary thing if you want to hang your dog’s stocking on the fireplace. But not all of them are good and safe. I will help you to choose the best dog Christmas stocking holders that you can enjoy your holiday and rest assured knowing that your canine is secure.

The best dog Christmas stocking holder is one that provides easy access to the stocking. It needs to be durable and fit both large and small dogs perfectly. The dog Christmas stocking holder is made of a metal frame and has a nylon strap that goes around the frame. The frame has a back leg and two front legs that are able to stand on their own. It can hold any size of stocking, which makes it versatile.

Best Dog Christmas Stocking Holders

Christmas is a time for giving and celebrating. We buy a lot of gifts for our friends and family members in order to show how much we value them. However, during the holidays, our pets are often left out in the cold. If you are looking for a gift of a dog Christmas stocking holder, then you have come to the right place. There is a number of dog Christmas stocking holders out there that can help yours be different from everyone else’s. Even the simple design of the best dog Christmas stocking holder might make a huge difference in your holiday season.

1.  AerWo Hanging Dog Christmas Stocking Holders.

AerWo Pet Stocks are designed for pets to stay comfortable with soft cushioning. These stockings with pet paw shapes will make your pets feel like they are celebrating Christmas too. Fill these stockings with treats cute dog gifts etc…  Your pet definitely will have a happy Christmas. The AerWo Hanging Dog Christmas Stocking Holders will look great hanging on a front door this holiday season.

The creators of this innovative design took a few extra seconds to make sure they achieved making it as utilitarian as possible. These stocking holders feature everything from multiple sizes accommodating toggles to locking mechanisms to make sure the stocking drapes properly. This is a great way to set the tone for the holidays and invite your family and friends inside for some hot cocoa and cookies…or maybe even let the dog sleep in her new hangers during the long night ahead.

The AerWo Dog Stocking Hanger is a great way to organize your pet’s toys, treats, and other pet-related items. It can also be used as a decorative accessory for your household or as a special holiday gift! The hanging stocking hanger will provide your pet with ample storage space and let the cute dog paw prints adorn your walls – perfect for Christmas time!

The AerWo Hanging Dog Christmas Stocking Holder is a super cute, red plaid stocking. This dog stocking looks so real you will have to check to make sure it isn’t, perfect for hanging on the fireplace or doorknob for Christmas decoration. This Christmas stocking is 15 Inch Long, 8 Inches Wide, and 9.5 Inches Tall with a 22 Inch opening from top to bottom. This cute dog stockings bag has been designed to have a stuffed plush dog attached to hang from the top of the stocking

You will receive a Plush Filled Red AerWo Hanging Dog Christmas Stocking Holders is made of premium soft plush polyester and cotton that give you a different tactile experience. It is a great Christmas ornament for the fireplace or holiday home party. Your puppy will experience the joyous occasion together as part of your family when this cute little stocking is hung by the fireplace. This red plaid stocking is well-made, brightly colored and quite well stuffed.


  • Large Size  18 x 11 inch/46 x 28cm  Big enough to hold dog treats.
  • Material Cotton fabric.
  • Pattern Red and Black Buffalo Plaid.
  • Occasion Perfect for Christmas fireplace decorations.
  • Safe and Durable
  • Item Weight 3.2 Ounces

1.  AerWo Hanging Dog Christmas Stocking Holders.

2. GUDELAK Dog Christmas Stocking Holders.

GUDELAK Christmas Dog Stocking Holder, a hand painted dog bone stocking holder, is the best fireplace mantle decoration set and Christmas gift set for pet lovers. Using this sturdy dog bone stocking holder is a terrific way to keep your family’s holiday decorations organized and cohesive. It is designed to look great while being functional by adding a touch of personality to your hearth.

GUDELAK Christmas Stocking Holders set includes Dog Bone Stocking Hanger and Paw Print Stocking Holder. The bone stocking hangers are made of silver chromium, nice for the Christmas families, holiday decoration or gift. You can also hang stockings for dog or other family members with this dog bone hanger holder.

These dog Christmas stocking holders are cute and great for Christmas decorating. It can hang stockings of any shape and size on the fireplace mantle, enhance the holiday mood. These paw print stocking holders are easy to set up on the mantle with a sturdy hook, just put together with display boxes. The displays have a nice finish that’s hand-painted, which means that no two of these dog stocking holders from GUDELAK look exactly the same.

These stocking holders are made of high-quality, non-toxic metal, and heavy duty durable cord with a classic silver finish. They can hold a variety of Christmas stockings and hanging items, ranging from tree ornaments to shoes, boots, and Christmas stockings. Both of the dog bone stocking holder and paw print stocking holder have a porcelain knob underneath the hanger base which is used to hang your favorite stocking on the hanger without inserting it into the clasp. The dog bone stocking hanger is prefect for pups that just enrolled in kindergarten!

Specially designed dog bone and paw print stocking holders to add a touch of whimsy to your holiday decorating. Silver dog bone stocking holder has a 4.88″L x 3.26″W x 4.13″H frame with a bark finish for a rustic look, while the 2 tan paw print stocking holders have a bark finish and silver finish top to give the impression that they’re filled with snow. Hang on mantles, end tables, or the fireplace mantle itself to bring holiday cheer to guests and family members alike.


  • It Can be used on a mantle, a wall, a fence, or a door.
  • Made from Sturdy Zinc Alloy Metal
  • Hold up to 2 pounds of weight.
  • Heavy duty metal construction!
  • Size Approx. 12.5cm x 8.3cm x 14.6cm
  • Weight: 472g

2. GUDELAK Dog Christmas Stocking Holders.

3. Glitzhome Best Christmas Paw Stocking Holder.

Glitzhome Best Christmas Paw Stocking Holder is made of high-quality wood building material that will never fade for years. A great holiday decor item to place your family’s favorite Christmas stockings gifts. A cozy mantle with this wooden/metal paw design stocking stand on it, certainly brings you holiday warmth and joy.

Christmas is the best time to embrace your holiday spirit. This stocking holder is your ultimate source of Christmas cheer. Base with iron, this stocking holder is able to sit on the mantle and comes with a hook for hanging your stockings. Added with Christmas balls ornaments, this piece gives you something extra that will definitely give the spirit to your home. Available in red, blue or purple, these stocking holders can be great gifts for your dear ones.

Hang this stocking holder on the wall, under the stairs or anywhere you like, and fill it with your Christmas stocking stuffers for your beloved dog. The polyester fabric material is soft and comfortable to touch, showing popular Christmas style. Glitzhome offers these Christmas stocking holders in various styles including Paw, Angel, Christmas Tree, Snowman Head, Gift Box, Monogram, etc. You can choose a suitable one for your home. Don’t miss it!

The GlitzHome Stocking Holder provides an elegant look for your Christmas tree. It can be used as a stocking hanger or just as a decoration for home, restaurant, hotel, club, bar and so on during Christmas. Increase the warm atmosphere of Christmas. It is a great Christmas gift/toy for kids


  • Decorative, heavy iron stocking holders.
  • Comes with a hook for hanging stockings.
  • Very easy to install and use.
  • A great stocking stuffer for the family.
  • Unique design – Iron base stocking hanger with wooden hanger for hanging stockings.
  • Dimension is Approx. 7.68 x 6.02 x 4.96 inches.
  • Holder Weight 1.59 pounds

3. Glitzhome Best Christmas Paw Stocking Holder.

4. Orthoshoes Dog Christmas Stocking Holder for Mantle.

In Orthoshoes Dog Christmas Stocking Holder Dog Paw Photo Frame is a fun and functional way to add a personal touch to your holiday décor. Featuring a standing resin frame imprinted with the paw prints of a dog, this stocking holder displays any 8-by-10-inch photo from all four sides for easy viewing. The included red stocking hooks are designed to securely hold your stockings, skipping the need for stocking holders or messy adhesives. Includes four hooks that can be used in a variety of ways, including hanging multiple stockings, decorating mantles and staircases, and hanging wreaths and garlands.

This Stocking holder, made of high-quality metal, is durable to allow you to use the stocking hooks for mantle year after year. Perfect for hanging stockings on your mantle on Christmas, the stocking holder is designed with Hooks which are very convenient. You can place your actual stockings on it. These stocking holder holders are very cute and lovely, perfect for a mantle, fireplace, staircases, or anywhere you want to hang stockings during Christmas.

These stocking holders are an excellent way to show off your pet’s Christmas pictures while protecting your Christmas tree. The picture frame-like design makes displaying holiday pictures of your pet or loved ones easy. Your pet will love this stocking holder because it is designed for putting their favorite chew toy in the top of the stocking.

Orthoshoes Dog Paw Photo Frame, build a warm and happy atmosphere to decorate your house for Christmas. This is a great stocking hanger set, gives you the ability to display Santa’s littlest helpers on top of your fireplace, replacing garland with a touch of whimsy. This stocking holder, as seen on TV, has a rotating PVC frame that holds your stocking. Don’t worry about getting your stocking hung for the holidays as you won’t have to worry about hooks or nails. This will give your children’s stockings a place to hang and it is so much easier than using nails.

Our dog stocking holders have gridded patterns, very special and unique. Matched with Xmas colors, they are ideal for mantle, staircases, besides the fireplace to hold the Christmas stockings. Durable for use for many years. And can be used on your furnace or on your wall.


  • Great for the holidays, this stocking will impress your loved ones.
  • Made with durable fabric, non-slip stocking hooks.
  • Sturdy stocking hooks that can hold up to 10 pounds.
  • Weight 1.26 Pounds.
  • No more slipping, sliding, tipping over, between the frame and the mantle.
  • Dimension Approx. 8.5 x 6.93 x 3.98 inches

Orthoshoes Dog Christmas Stocking Holder for Mantle

5. Kurt Adler Best Christmas Snoopy Stocking Holder.

Kurt Adler Christmas Snoopy stocking holder is made of metal, plastic, and paint. It features a bas-relief Snoopy in front of a tree with presents so you can place your stocking up to 12 inches tall in the plastic sleeve at the top of the stocking holder. The retractable hook makes it easy to hang so you can use this Snoopy stocking holder year after year. Perfect for Peanuts fans and collectors.

The Snoopy Stocking Holder is the perfect addition to your holiday decorations. This item is ideal for any Peanuts fan or collector that wants to show their love for the beloved beagle. Each stocking holder is made of metal, plastic, and paint. The black paint has started to chip on the bottom of both stocking holders.

Set up this officially licensed Peanuts stocking holder to your mantle, bookcase shelf, or anywhere else you want it to display your love for all things Peanuts. Not only do you get a metal piece designed as Snoopy rests in front of a decorated Christmas tree, but there is also a retractable hook so you can hang up those stockings with ease. Kurt Adler Best Christmas Snoopy Stocking Holder Measures Approx. 8.25″x3″x5.5″.

This adorable Snoopy stocking holder features a bas-relief of Snoopy in front of a decorated Christmas tree. The hook is retractable for easy storage, and the whole stocker has a hinged s socking area. It’s designed to fit over standard-size door frames. It Optimizes your Peanuts collection with this Kurt Adler Snoopy stocking holder! It features the lovable beagle laying in front of a Christmas tree full of presents and has an attached hook to hang up your stocking.


  • Made of metal and plastic
  • Metal base Retractable hook
  • Great for peanut lovers and collectors
  • Item size: 7.5 inches
  • Dimensions Approx. 4 x 3.5 x 7.25 inches
  • Weight 12 ounces
  • Retractable hook for convenience.

Kurt Adler Best Christmas Snoopy Stocking Holder.

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